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If you have any items you would like to donate to the Veterans Museum, please contact us.
Anyone wishing to mail a donation to Veterans for Children, Inc. can do so by addressing Veterans for Children c/o Sgt. McDaniels 222 W Fairview St., Piedmont, WV 26750

Alone stands the coffin of the ultimate sacrifice our heroes paid for our freedom.

The torn and tattered American Flag stands for the tattered and tormented souls of our American heroes who made it home and are forced to live with PTSD, missing limbs, and scars on their bodies. These men are forced to live in hell and agony everyday with memories of their missing brothers, and brothers that were killed in action.
The tattered POW MIA Flag represents the POW's who lived in hell for years and who made it home only to continue to live the same, with their memories and pain of captivity. 
The MIA portion of the flag represents the soldiers who are still missing. All soldiers remember, and hope one day we can bring home the MIAs and give peace to all our heroes who have fought so diligently for the freedoms we enjoy today. 
We can only dream.

Dedicated to all soldiers, from all wars that our United States has been involved in Sgt. Joe McDaniels US Army

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Pictured above left to right "The custom Concepts, LLC elite team - Kris Romesburg, Shawn Miller, Tom Evans, and Eric Harvey
Custom Concepts, LLC. located at 12419 Vale Summit Road Frostburg MD 301-689-6141 is a true Hometown Hero!  Anyone in need of a wrap for your vehicle, to custom striping or lettering on a work vehicle.  Look no further than Custom Concepts, LLC.  Their design team is amazing and your finished work will exceed your expectations.  A friendly helpful attitude is what you will be met with every time you contact them.  The work performed for Veterans for Children, Inc. was exemplory to say the least and they will be the only designers we use.  They always put a veteran first and foremost and are extremely affordable as compared to others.  Veterans for Children, Inc. gives Custom Concepts, Llc. TWO THUMBS UP!!!
Above are examples of work done by Custom Concepts, Llc.
Recently Veterans for Children, Inc. was contacted by a veteran in need of assistance with home renovations.  Our hero lives with his disabled child for whom he provides total care.  His pipes were leaking in the basement causing flooding as well as structural deterioration. The walls, flooring, and ceiling were rotting  Our team went to work, replacing flooring, pipes, walls, and more.  Funding for these projects is dependent upon dontions from supporters.  All work is done free of charge for the veteran.