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Collection of new clothing and shoes
Collection of non-perishable food items
The holidays are an exciting time for all of us.  Children are usually the most excited of all and can't wait to tear open those brightly colored packages.  Veterans for Children, Inc. exists so that no child in need will wake Christmas morning to nothing under their tree.  We collect new unwrapped toys for children age 1 - 17 who are in need in the local community.
The economy is terrible and there is no improvement showing for the future.  Jobless rates are at an all time high and salaries are at an all time low.  Veterans for Children, Inc. collects new clothing and shoes for those in need.  Collecftions are needed for all age groups and all genders.
Food costs are on the rise and our shelves are running bare.  We provide non-perishible food items to families in need in the local community.  We have seen a tremendous increase in need for food items and don't forsee a change in the near future.
If you have any questions, or to discuss donations or drop offs, please contact us.  It is through the generosity of others we will make Veterans for Children, Inc. a continued success.
Educational Opportunities

We provide various educational opportunities using our mobile museum.  Opportunities are listed under the "News and Reviews" section of this website.  Please check back often to see when the museum will be close to you.
501c3 Tax Exempt Organization
Printed by Cumberland Times News on August 25, 2013

Pedal taxi ready to deliver quality time for vets, kids

CUMBERLAND — A support group made up of military veterans has joined with a local bicycle shop to get a pedal taxi assembled and ready for use by those who served in the armed forces and the children in their lives.

Sgt. Joe McDaniels and his , of the nonprofit group Veterans for Children, Inc., purchased the vehicle online and asked Cycles & Things for help in putting together the four-wheel, five-passenger mode of transportation.

“We want this to help parents spend time with their children. It’s also good to provide assistance to those who have trouble walking,” said Sgt. McDaniels.

The pedal taxi, manufactured by Surrey International, has seating behind the steering wheel with two sets of pedals. In the front is a bench seat that can hold two small children.

A Vietnam U.S. Army veteran, Sgt. McDaniels, 62, resides in Piedmont, W.Va.

“We help veterans. But we will help anyone, especially if there are children involved,” said Sgt. McDaniels.

Mike Hutt, the owner of Cycles & Things, said he would assist in the effort and assemble the contrivance at no charge.

“I’m a veteran. My whole family served. It’s a way to give back,” said Hutt.
Bill Harris, a Cycles & Things employee, also assisted in the assembly of the pedal taxi.

In addition to the pedal taxi, Sgt. McDaniels said that Veterans for Children, Inc. have a variety of ways it assists those in need.

They supply toys for needy kids, provide food baskets, offer home repairs, provide boating trips and assist vets who need repairs done to their vehicles.

Sgt. McDaniels joined the Army and served in Vietnam from 1968 to 1971. When he returned home he began to substitute teach in 1971. He was touched by stories of children living in poverty with no means for even receiving a Christmas gift.

In 1972, Sgt. McDaniels established Veterans for Children Inc. The group is a 501c3 tax-exempt nonprofit organization.

“No child will go hungry or want for a toy as long as Veterans for Children, Inc. is in existence,” said an emotional Sgt. McDaniels.

Sgt. McDaniels was asked what he enjoys most about helping children.

“I enjoy seeing the parents with their children, and sharing time together as a family” said Sgt. McDaniels.

For more information on Veterans for Children, Inc., utilizing the surrey, and how you can donate, visit or 240-522-6880.

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